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The goal for Year Two is $40,000. Total Cost of Seminary is approximately $240,000.  
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Year 2 Goal

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My name is Logan Amster and I am excited to be attending seminary this fall under the sponsorship of Bishop Strickland (Tyler, TX), with the ultimate goal of being a full-time priest in service of the Apostoli Viae (AV) community.

The AV community is one of deep faith, committed formation and steadfast love for the Lord, and I could not think of a better place to serve as a priest for the rest of my life.

The youngest of three brothers, I come from a small but very tight knit family. Growing up in Vero Beach, FL, we were not raised in the Catholic or even any sort of Christian tradition. Up until my adult life, my mom was a fallen-away Catholic who had taken a very deep interest in Eastern practices.

When I was 21, a few years after my mother found her way back to the Church, my brothers and I found our own way Home to the Church, and we were all baptized, confirmed and received first communion in 2012 and 2013.

Since becoming Catholic in 2013, I have always been drawn to the priesthood, and I continued to explore the question as I lived the professional life.

Finally, in the last year working with FOCUS (The Fellowship of Catholic University Students) and having the gift of being part of their unique and faithful community, I finally heard God’s call to enter the seminary. When I heard our Lord’s call to priesthood, I was drawn back to the place where I had learned so many of the foundations of faith.

Apostoli Viae taught me to develop a rule of life, taught me how to pray and generally set God in His proper place in my life. God willing, I plan to show my gratitude and love for our Lord by giving myself wholly to the AV community.  I thank our Lord and our Blessed Mother every day for their guidance, provision and mercy.

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