Welcome to the Apostoli Viae portal!

We pray that your engagement with us is a gift to you. It is not necessary to be a member of the Apostoli Viae community to engage in this portal. Our mission is to serve you in your desire to deepen your relationship with God and His Church.

To ensure that your experience is an encouraging one, please be sure to follow a few important guidelines:

  • First Things First: Please join the Sojourners group. This is the central meeting place for all who participate in the Apostoli Viae community.
  • Subscriptions: Please be sure to adjust all your subscriptions to "Daily." These settings can be found by clicking the icon in the upper right of your screen and click "Edit Profile" and then refer to the menu on the left of your screen. Click on "Community Settings" and then "Notification Preferences." Please be sure to select "Daily" for all even if you don't think they apply or understand the categories. After you experience the site for a few weeks you can then adjust your settings to better suit your interests. However, please note that the "Daily" setting is important for you to receive group notifications about meeting times and agendas etc.
  • Posting: Please feel free to engage in group discussions after you read the guidelines in the group descriptions. Please do NOT post links outside of this site without approval to do so. Though we are open to serving all those serious about their commitment to the Church and the magisterium, the community of Apostoli Viae has a particular spiritual emphasis and is also concerned about authentic expressions of magisterium teaching.
  • Group Membership: Please thoroughly read all group descriptions before you request membership. Some groups are invitation only due to the need to protect the privacy of members as we sometimes engage in very personal matters related to spiritual growth and formation.
  • Photo: Your membership in this portal will remain active as long as you upload a photo of your face (no Avatars or graphics allowed) within seven days of your initial membership approval. You can upload your photo through the icon at the upper right of your screen after you log in. Click on the menu item "Edit Profile" to find the "Choose File" button. If this is confusing, please check in with someone you know or ask another group member to assist you.

May the Lord bless you as you seek Him.

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