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Apostoli Viae Charism


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  • Lindsey Fankhauser (AV2)

    Lindsey Fankhauser (AV2)

    Holy cats! This came out great. After a little head-banging, but still. Even more merit. Just give me a year to find these things on here... lol ***Jeanne, Veronica, Lauren, Mary, Becky, Candace*** THIS is the intro meeting I told you about from last Saturday 12/1/18. You won’t want to miss it. It’s the best one. 👍
  • Crystal Hernandez (AV2)

    Crystal Hernandez (AV2)

    This was what I needed to know...filled in the gaps in my overview and understanding of the charism! As Dan explained the mission, philosophy , theology, and spirituality informing the charism and the way of union for members...the spiritual care taken to invite others into the charism...I felt myself soooo blessed and immensely grateful that Jesus has brought this work to be for us and so many other souls...seeking to know, love, and serve him with all the heart, soul, mind, and strength. Heavenly gold! Only the heart of God could give us such great gifts! I am always so immensely blessed here....thank you brother Dan (I don’t mean that in the religious sense that you are a religious brother, but growing up as a young African American girl in a family and community where we called special people in our circle of influence—neighbors and church friends—brother and sister)! Hope that makes sense! May God be praised....
  • Dan Burke

    Dan Burke

    @Lindsey - Holy Cats! - I like that.
  • Dan Burke

    Dan Burke

    @Crystal: I am grateful it was helpful. "Brother" and "Sister" are terms I often use for non-religious - so thanks, sister!
  • Crystal Hernandez (AV2)

    Crystal Hernandez (AV2)

    LOL! Thanks Dan, God bless!
  • Susan Heroux

    Susan Heroux

    I will have to watch the video. I have a retreat I signed up to be at this morning.
  • Robin Schiefelbein

    Robin Schiefelbein

    Dan at about 50:50 you talk about how one person might not fit this spirituality as well as another. Is there something you could point me to that outlines or distinguishes the charisms of different groups (ie, Carmelite vs. Dominican vs. Franciscan vs. Benedictine, etc)? Not a treatise so much as a chart or brief outline. :)
  • Dan Burke

    Dan Burke

    @Robin: Robin - I am not aware of anything like what you have suggested - good question though. The best way to experience each is to engage in the writings of each or the communities of each. A chart wouldn't do it. This is an encounter more than an intellectual exercise. Hope that helps. Not easy but true.
  • Mary Ellen Jackson

    Mary Ellen Jackson

    Thank you for this great introduction. I am looking forward to the Sojourner study starting in January. God bless you all.
  • Nadja Tirrell

    Nadja Tirrell

    This answered a lot of questions for me! I'm very grateful to be here. I've been searching for a spiritual director for the last two years with no luck. @Dan: I have relied on Divine Intimacy Radio to get me through. This group is an even greater blessing. I do have one question. Watching the video, I couldn't help but feel a little scared! I'm a mother of 4 young children. My heart is pulled towards Apostoli Viae, but I'm wondering what your take is on discerning this charism while in that season of life. God Bless




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