Diana von Glahn (AV-M)

by Diana von Glahn (AV-M)


Gaining Indulgences for the Holy Souls in Purgatory


Every year, from November 1-8, the Church grants a plenary indulgence that can be applied only to the souls in purgatory. We can receive one indulgence each of the eight days to anyone in purgatory (many people give them to Mary to hand out as she sees fit).

Every day, do this:

  1. Visit a cemetery and pray, if only mentally, for the departed. Pray an Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be if you can't think of anything else. Those are the best prayers around!! Or say: “Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen.”
  2. On All Souls’ Day (this Saturday) visit a church or an oratory and recite an Our Father and the Apostles Creed.

if you can’t do that, get a partial indulgence by doing this:

  1. partial indulgence, applicable only to the souls in purgatory, is granted to the faithful who, 
    • devoutly visit a cemetery and at least mentally pray for the dead;
    • devoutly recite lauds or vespers from the Office of the Dead or the prayer Requiem aeternam (Eternal rest).

*For more, see Here’s How You Can Help the Holy Souls in Purgatory from the NC Register.



A Partial Indulgence remits part of the temporal punishment due; a Plenary Indulgence remits all of it


In order to obtain an Indulgence, we MUST do the following things:

  • DESIRE to obtain the Indulgence: I usually just say before I begin, "Jesus, I'm doing this to obtain a Plenary Indulgence." You can also pray this morning prayer and it should cover you for the day:

O my God, in union with the Immaculate Heart of Mary (kiss your scapular), I offer Thee the Precious Blood of Jesus from all the altars throughout the world, joining with it the offering of my every thought, word, and action of this day. O my Jesus, I desire today to gain every indulgence and merit I can and I offer them, together with myself, to Mary Immaculate, that she may best apply them in the interests of Thy Most Sacred Heart. Precious Blood of Jesus, save us! Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us! Amen.

  • CONFESS. You have to go to confession "several" days before or after you perform the indulgenced act. Traditionally, this was 8-10 days, although in the Great Jubilee Year of 2000, the amount of days was increased to 20, and that decision remains intact. Note: You must be in a state of grace to obtain a plenary indulgence. This means, at the time you perform the indulgenced act, you must be free from all attachment to sin. You can't be mad at people, hold grudges, hate anyone, etc. Confess it all and let it go!
  • COMMUNION. Receive Holy Communion. During Mass is preferable, although otherwise is allowed. The day of the indulgenced act is also preferred, but not required.
  • PAPAL INTENTIONS. You must pray for the intentions of the Holy Father. This is not praying for the Pope, himself, but for his intentions, which he releases each month. You don't need to know what they are--God knows. An Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be suffice. 


  • We can only obtain one plenary indulgence a day. EXCEPT on the day we die, when we can get two.
  • We can only offer indulgences for our own sins or for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. (See below about the Heroic Act of Charity.)
  • If you strive to gain a Plenary Indulgence, but fail to fulfill all the requirements, the indulgence will be only partial.
  • For the sake of those legitimately impeded, confessors can commute both the work prescribed and the conditions required (except detachment from even venial sin).



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  • Susan Mulski

    Susan Mulski

    Thanks for reminding us of this great act of Mercy!
  • Thank you Dan. I have a devotion to the Holy Souls. My birthday is this month and so I feel honored to pray for them, and ask them for their prayers from time to time. How beautiful our Church is.
  • Janis Rochester (AV2)

    Janis Rochester (AV2)

    Thanks you so much Dan! I appreciate learning and knowing this ancient witness And these beautiful prayers. As a convert it’s taking me a while to grasp .
  • Hope Aspengren

    Hope Aspengren

    As always, thank you Dan for the reminder of how we can attain indulgences, many do not know what a gift our faith affords us. You are a light in these dark times Dan, may you continue to lead as the Lord allows and desires of you. May you be filled with blessings today.
  • Cathleen  Ludlow

    Cathleen Ludlow

    Diana, once again, you rock. Thank you so much for sharing this. You made it very clear. I have this visual of handing indulgences like flowers to Mary...So beautiful!
  • Thank you Diana. My apologies, I thought this was from Dan as I had opened it in his general email to all of us from him!!!! Hope that I never repeat that error again. Again sorry!! God is good. I went to mass at my parish, but the road was blocked off. Was able to make it on time to another parish! Phew!!! Again sorry for my mixup! Have a blessed All Saints and All Souls days!! 🙏🏻🎚⛪️👑📿
  • Brian Hoffmann

    Brian Hoffmann

    Thanks Dan for reminding me God Bless you
  • Diana von Glahn (AV-M)

    Diana von Glahn (AV-M)

    @Darlene-- it's ALL good. I give thanks to Dan every day! :) And if it weren't for him, none of us would be here.
  • Yalile Deal (AV2)

    Yalile Deal (AV2)

    Thank you so much for this information!
  • Yalile Deal (AV2)

    Yalile Deal (AV2)

    My bad!!!!! Thank you Diane! You have a bundle of trick under your belt! You are like Santa Claus with many toys on his sack. Thank you for sharing!




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