Diana von Glahn (AV-M)

by Diana von Glahn (AV-M)


The Four Soils and Mary

A meditation by Stephanie Burke, originally given on February 5, 2020.


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  • Berkeley  Monroe (AV2)

    Berkeley Monroe (AV2)

  • Nalina Chinnasami

    Nalina Chinnasami

    Grateful for your journey shared Stephanie and to know am not alone in this journey. Peace!
  • Susan Mulski

    Susan Mulski

    Stepanie, I listened to this earlier in the week and maybe forgot to commenf. Wonderful witness. Many thanks to you!
  • Marta Laser

    Marta Laser

    Thank you, Stephanie. I am headed out to look up at the night sky - and to ask myself a few questions. God bless you.
  • Biz Blee

    Biz Blee

    Stephanie, Thank you for your vulnerability and using your life’s journey to make this illustration. You make it tangible and it’s beautiful.
  • Jeanne Fox

    Jeanne Fox

    Thank you, Stephanie. Just beautiful ! In your telling of your journey, your voice itself speaks of the peace of Christ that you have found.
  • Cathleen  Ludlow

    Cathleen Ludlow

    Thank you Stephanie. 💕
  • Claudia Bouhaidar

    Claudia Bouhaidar

    Thank you Stephanie for sharing inspiring us on our own journey!
  • Laureen Kutz

    Laureen Kutz

    Powerful...thank you!!
  • Roseann Kacewich

    Roseann Kacewich

    Thank you , Stephanie!




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