One Thing is Needful...

The Way of Ascent Begins at the Feet of Jesus

Our Mission & Vision

The mission of the Apostles of the Way is to live, light, and lead the Way to union with God.

Live the Way

To Live the Way is to understand, wholeheartedly embrace, and joyfully live the contemplative life.

Light the Way

To Light the Way is to joyfully witness to, invite, reveal, and teach the contemplative path to all who thirst.

Lead the Way

To Lead the Way is to generously, personally, and individually serve, form, and guide pilgrims on the path to union with God and love of neighbor.

Our Community

These are just two examples of many communities and groups within the world-wide family of Apostoli Viae. If you are just beginning to explore the charism, then the Sojourners group is the place to begin. We look forward to meeting you there!


Sojourners are made up of those who are just beginning to explore the charism of Apostoli Viae. A Sojourner hungers for God and seeks holy friendships and formations. As a Sojourner,  you may engage with our community of faithful and joyful Disciples of Jesus and other Sojourners, and you can also take part in our free bi-monthly formation, free e-courses and free resource library. You may also want to engage with one of our local Gospel Encounter groups or join a Group with others from your state or geographical area, and take part in many other opportunities for formation, fellowship, and growth in the Catholic faith. 


After actively participating for a minimum of one year as a Sojourner, members may be called to a deeper association in Apostoli Viae. Once admitted, Disciples begin to live out a rule of life (or plan of love) specific to our charism and their state in life. The foundational commitments of an AV Disciple are to the two disciplines St. Teresa of Avila revealed are the doorways to the interior castle - daily mental prayer and the examen. These two practices are also the doorway into the process of discernment for deeper association with Apostoli Viae. An authentic Disciple of Jesus is drawn to the interior life, a life of conversion and conversation with God. Disciples desire to deepen their relationship with God and recognize and nurture this call in and through camaraderie, solidarity, and active participation with the community and works of the Way. 

Our Resources and Apostolic Works

Blogs, Articles, and Videos

Here you will find insight into our charism through answers to common questions along with specific formation related to what it means to draw ever more deeply from the Catholic mystical tradition.

At you will find thousands of posts, videos, and podcasts dedicated to the advancement of authentic Catholic mystical tradition.

Under the patronage of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the mission of the Avila Institute is to draw Christians worldwide into deeper union with Christ through mystagogically oriented spiritual education and formation. The institute offers graduate and personal enrichment studies to priests, religious and laity around the world.

The Avila Institute High Calling program provides:

  • Priestly discernment and preparation for seminary and religious formation for more than forty dioceses and also serves a number of religious communities including several Carmelites provinces.
  • Spiritual Direction formation for priests appointed by their bishops to provide spiritual direction to seminarians.
  • Vocations Development through outreach specifically designed to connect with and serve men in our generation who find themselves exploring the heroic call to the priesthood.