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What is the Perspective of Apostoli Viae on Sacred Music and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?

The views and teaching of Apostoli Viae on sacred music are, simply put, the views and teaching of the Catholic Church. To get a more detailed sense of what this means, Fr. Cassian Folsom, who was a keynote speaker at our last Avila Summit and a scholar on the topic, provided an insightful reflection on Sacrosanctum Concilium that perfectly represents our views and that of the authentic magisterium of the Catholic Church. This video does not cover all aspects of sacred music but it does reveal interpretive principals and perspectives that are foundational when exploring the topic.


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  • Hope Aspengren

    Hope Aspengren

    Thank you, excellent!
  • Judy Silhan

    Judy Silhan

    Very much appreciated Fr. Cassian's explanations on what is in continuity and what is not, with regards to Liturgical music.
  • Alecia Spiering

    Alecia Spiering

    First heard him at the Sacred Liturgy Conference in Salem, Oregon June 2018. He has a special mission to educate Catholics everywhere.
  • Adriana Favela

    Adriana Favela

    Music is such an important part of the liturgy. I wish all parishes would dedicate enough attention to this beautiful ministry. Thank you, Fr. Folsom.
  • Corey Cordell

    Corey Cordell

    That was a terribly interesting and enlightening talk. One of the things that I found most interesting, and that i didn't know before was that the liturgical practice of the 4 hymn sandwich, which is so very ubiquitous now, was actually something that developed in the pre-conciliar liturgy for use in the Low Mass. really fascinating stuff.
  • Ana Johnson

    Ana Johnson

    Thank you! What an eye opener. I wonder if this is why I feel so attracted to the Gregorian Chants?




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