by Apostoli_Viae


The Holy Spirit Breaks through to Wake a Cynical Heart

There is a kind of cynicism that can set in when you come to a certain age, or when you work in the Church - in the news... then something breaks through. In an instant this morning, the Holy Spirit pierced my heart and reminded me where I came from... a broken desperate Jewish boy who was in despair to the point of suicide.

The boy didn't know it, but his heart longed for the Messiah to come, and he would be healed and fulfilled by nothing less. Through tears I listened to the ancient hymn... the heart's cry for the One who would bind up our wounds and set us free.

He is coming... Advent is on the horizon. If we allow the banal dronings of the clock and the cycle of the sun to drag us into the season we will be drawn into the busyness as they dictate. They will demand that we worship time, money, shopping, rushing... all that robs the heart of peace and of the presence of God. But we need not yield to their demonic draw.

Let us prepare our hearts to know the Messiah like never before. The King is coming. He comes to set the captives free.

What will be different for me this year? What about you? Let us be the ones who break free to the call of the King and lead others to do the same.

O Come O Come Emmanuel.


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  • Janis Rochester (AV2)

    Janis Rochester (AV2)

    Amen. Oh yes Lord, we long for You. Help us in our need; set us free. Thank you for this light for without it we could not persevere. Our hope is in You and You alone for You are a good, good Father.
  • Lisa Buss

    Lisa Buss

    Beautiful. Thank you for this reminder, and for your humility and vulnerability in sharing. May God continue to fill you to overflowing, that we may be so blessed too.
  • Joe Leal

    Joe Leal

    Thats my favorite song of the season and your beautiful reflection makes it come alive all the more. Thank you, Dan
  • Biz Blee (AV2)

    Biz Blee (AV2)

    Oh thank you! You, Lord are the One! You are all that I need. You are all that I want.
  • Cathleen  Ludlow

    Cathleen Ludlow

    Beautiful Dan. Thank you.
  • Laura Lugo

    Laura Lugo

    I am greatly blessed to have peace in some aspects of my life. Sometimes God allows for loss so we can see the beauty and love for what is truly present.
  • Cristina Contreras

    Cristina Contreras

    Dan, my fellow traveler, you are an inspiration to me! Thank you and God bless you.
  • Rocio Kolinko

    Rocio Kolinko

    Amen. beautiful!
  • Claire Dwyer (AV2)

    Claire Dwyer (AV2)

    This little Gentile girl would sing that song every night in Advent in her childhood. This version is hauntingly lovely...thank you. Last December was the hardest month I'd had in years and I was beginning to cringe, thinking of the season coming back again--how awful is that. I will spend this Advent with Mary and ask her to teach me how to live it well.
  • Berkeley  Monroe (AV2)

    Berkeley Monroe (AV2)

    So beautiful. I want to curl up at the feet of Our Lady, rest my head on her knee and wait for the One who has given me EVERYTHING! Come Lord Jesus!




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