by Apostoli_Viae


Contemplation - Why Do Definitions Matter in Mystical Theology?

Dan reflects on how the misuse or misunderstanding of terms can cause spiritual harm.


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  • Cathy Trowbridge

    Cathy Trowbridge

    Good good. Great to hear more than once.... lots of terminology out there to confuse a person! Thank you for the reminder!
  • Carol Slade

    Carol Slade

    Thank you once again for these explanations and showing the way we must follow. As you say when it happens Contemplation is a gift from God but it does not change the fact that we are still struggling up the mountain of holiness and we must continue to do so till the day we die.
  • Mary Ridder (AV2)

    Mary Ridder (AV2)

    This is good. I find this often when a more precise understanding is necessary. Explaining what I mean, when I suspect a difference of understanding when talking about God and spiritual matters is very helpful, even though it slows down conversation. We may disagree on the subject, but at least I am clear on my stand with my interlocutors.
  • Michael  Slusz

    Michael Slusz

    Dan, this is excellent. Thank you!
  • Ryan Green

    Ryan Green

  • Diane Roe

    Diane Roe

    Thank you Dan. Very helpful to hear these definitions over and over so they sink in and become more clear so that we can lead and light the way for others .
  • Lucy Nyakwera

    Lucy Nyakwera

    Very helpful. Thank you very much Dan
  • Lori Myers

    Lori Myers

    Once again Dan, you bring clarification to a term that can often cause confusion. Thanks!
  • Paul  Mathew

    Paul Mathew

    Good explanation.
  • Marc Caldwell

    Marc Caldwell

    Thank you Dan. I'll try to summarise. Contemplation is an experience of the presence of God; a grace that God gives the soul only after having been made ready to know Him; having yielded more and more to the Holy Spirit by accepting earlier graces of purification through the sacrament of reconciliation and personal sacrifices in the struggle against sin. Contemplation is a foretaste of heaven. Blessed are the pure in heart, they shall see God.




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