by Apostoli_Viae


Luke 10:38-42 - The Devil's Battle Cry for Reform

Reform and renewal is vital for the Church today. We are in the midst of a constant battle within the Church to erode faithful teaching and to move the Church away from its foundations in Jesus and the Magisterium. How then should we proceed? There is a path that the devil would be very happy with. There is a battle cry of the devil that destroyed the faith of hundreds of thousands of religious, priests and lay faithful after the council. This cry is emerging again. The devil is very pleased. Jesus is and has the antidote and has revealed it to us.


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  • Berkeley  Monroe (AV2)

    Berkeley Monroe (AV2)

    I read the dialogue between you and this ‘sad’ woman. The pain she masked was palpable. I could clearly see myself in her words. That is, an earlier version of me. She clearly had been hurt badly and had become rigid in her ideas so as to protect herself. She could not be wrong. I was that woman much of my adult life, before ÁV, before mental prayer and daily Examen before spiritual direction. I could not suffer the “embarrassment “ of being wrong. I would argue a point to its death, even after I realized I was wrong, I would not admit it. I really “hurt” for that woman. I pray she will be blessed with someone to show her a better Way. Also, I recalled an incident in my life just about a year ago when I chose to ‘complain’ instead of pray and fast. There were things going on in my parish which I thought were wrong. I began to grumble and criticize my priest and others in my parish to the point that I quit going there for about 6 months. I didn’t even take this to prayer and reflection because I KNEW I was right in my understanding of HOW things should be done. One day the Holy Spirit finally broke down my wall of self- righteousness. I saw that I was the one who was wrong. I was reeking of Pride. I knew that I had to go back to my parish. This was hard because there are other opportunities for Mass on Sundays that are so beautiful and reverent. Harder was the knowledge that I needed to go to THIS priest and confess my pridefulness. He probably never knew “why” I suddenly quit attending but I knew that he knew I was talking about him , and my judging of his motives and actions and those of other parishioners. I know my place is there praying for and praying with my others, not judging them but trusting the Holy Spirit.
  • Carla Alves

    Carla Alves

    Recently, I have been wondering if I should change parishes due to some of the concerns you mentioned here. But I have noticed that all parishes I visit have issues and none are perfect. Your message today was just what I needed to encourage me to stay and help my home parish. Your words today are also the reason why I am attracted to the charism of AV. Mental prayer is the key to everything!
  • Dan Burke

    Dan Burke

    @Berkeley - yours is a very powerful reflection
  • Yalile Deal (AV2)

    Yalile Deal (AV2)

    Thank you, I just had an experience with a friend when we use the term Traditionalist. Bringing back communion in our mouth, communion riel, be more reverent. Satan jump in the conversation and what seem to be a great time in communion with catholics became a division on the table. The enemy really hates tradition and reverence. Thank you for taking the time to talk to us and continue with formation.
  • Lamont Applegate

    Lamont Applegate

    Thank you for this reflection. I drive past a beautiful Catholic Church (building) to get to a parish where reverence is given to our precious Lord.
  • Amanda Lang

    Amanda Lang

    Years ago, a wise Dominican sister told me that as she watched other professed sisters leave religious life, she had observed that they had always abandoned mental prayer first. That statement stuck with me, and what you say here reflects that. Thank you for your beautiful encouragement!
  • Cathy Trowbridge

    Cathy Trowbridge

    thank you Dan for this reminder that I can best serve God by prayer fast and almsgiving. It is by repetition of daily mental prayer and examen that I can grow in intimacy with our Lord faster and better than any of my own words or actions. Psalm 115 - not by us, not by us O Lord, but to thy name give glory! May the holy virtues of faith, hope and love be carried out in holiness in all that I do for you and your people.
  • Margaret Honoré

    Margaret Honoré

    Amen. Pray and do not grow weary.
  • Julia Bourque

    Julia Bourque

    This is so timely for our own parish. One of our main leaders in the church suddenly resigned on Christmas Eve. Those who keep moving to other churches in the area will soon run out of churches to go to as none are perfect. We have one priest for three churches. We need to do exactly as you said, "Don't just pray there do something," enter the battle with the gifts of the Holy Spirit and it will bear fruit... Thank you so much for this. My husband and I are both praying for this person.
  • Joanne Patton

    Joanne Patton

    It saddened me beyond words when she said prayer is a cop-out. I'm praying for her because prayer is always the answer. @Berkeley, thank you for sharing your experience and how prayer and the grace of the Holy Spirit has helped and guided you and helped us as well. God bless and keep you.




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