by Apostoli_Viae


Speaking to the Heart of the Abortion Issue

Every so often an argument comes to the surface on a key issue that cuts to the heart of the issue and sheds a powerful light of truth that is both timely and timeless. Even more powerful is when these arguments or truths come in the form of images that reach us at our core and sometimes fundamentally change the way we see the issues at hand.

The two images below, the first revealing the horror of abortion for the first and most helpless victim, and the second victim, the mother, are the most powerful I have seen. I would encourage you to meditate upon them and then share them on social media. Then, schedule a reminder to do so again periodically, with the hopes of helping to end the most grave evil of our time.

The U.S. elections are coming. There is no injustice that is even close in proportion to this one. Regarding how we vote, there is no issue that is more important or that should have greater weight than this issue. Pray, communicate, speak-up, vote, heal.

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  • Susan Mulski

    Susan Mulski

    Powerful images, thank you.
  • Hope Aspengren

    Hope Aspengren

    Jesus and Mary protect and save the unborn, may we speak for the protection of the unborn until the world realizes the evil of abortion .
  • MaryAnne Moran

    MaryAnne Moran

    Such power in these images to get the truth of life to the heart that needs to see. And with the election coming, our insistence that the foremost issue of our time is the preciousness of the life that God gives, may sound the the buzz of a mosquito (insignificant?!?) but we speak up for our Creator, and to all who are unaware of the effects of the culture of death on our families!
  • Jeanne Fox

    Jeanne Fox

    May the hearts of those who see these images be softened and may they come to knowledge of the Truth !
  • Jesus  Rego

    Jesus Rego

    Powerful images indeed, very powerful.
  • Diane Roe

    Diane Roe

    May the Holy Family-Jesus, Mary and Joseph protect all innocent babies and their parents who fall prey to the ignorance and temptations of the world, flesh and the devil. Father, forgive us for we do not have open hearts and minds to see that all life comes as a gift from You. Give us all courage and confidence to speak in loving kindness and in truth.
  • Connie  Wieczorek

    Connie Wieczorek

    Powerful and moving. Lord have mercy1
  • Marta Laser

    Marta Laser

    Thank you.
  • Don Schwab OFS

    Don Schwab OFS

    Blessed Mother please intercede for the unborn that are threatened w/ abortion, may their parents' opp for adoption Peace
  • Malindia Lentz

    Malindia Lentz

    Pray for an end to abortion and for healing for all those who have had or participated in abortion.




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