by Apostoli_Viae


The God of Wayward Children

Above you will find an audio reflection that we regularly post for our members in a group called Reflections from the Heart of the Charism. The response was overwhelming and one of our members suggested that we post it again here so non-members could benefit from it. There are references below that I don't have time to explain but I decided to go ahead and duplicate the post as requested. I pray it is a blessing to you.

Before I posted this audio reflection (above), Stephanie asked if she could listen to it. We were in the Wayfarer eating breakfast across from one another. As the audio finished this song (below) automatically began to play (no human intervention...). We wept together. I suspect it is for you. Listen to my reflection first, and then this song. Thanks to Gina Witt, below this you will find a prayer for the wayward child.

Prayer For A Wayward Child: O Mary, the Mother of mercy and the Refuge of sinners, cast a look of compassion on our son [daughter] who has strayed away from the path of duty and is living in enmity with God. Do not allow him [her] to perish, but deign to obtain for him [her] the grace of a sincere and lasting conversion, for thou art the Queen of mercy and the Refuge of sinners, and art, moreover, all-powerful with thy divine Son, Who cannot refuse thy prayers. Be a compassionate mother to our son [daughter], and bring him [her] from the road of perdition to the way of salvation. ~Amen.


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