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Learning to Yield and Rest in the Silence - St. Teresa of Avila - Book of Her Life - 11:15

This audio reflection provides insights from St. Teresa of Avila into the challenge that comes when the Lord leads the soul into the prayer of silence. At the writing of this post, Apostoli Viae Disciples are currently studying the autobiography of St. Teresa. Disciples are those who have made formal spiritual commitments to the Lord and are living the contemplative life as a member of Apostoli Viae. This reflection is based on chapter eleven, verse fifteen. The Lord desires that we seek to know and love Him. We demonstrate that desire by showing up and allowing Him to lead us where He desires. Our task is to embrace the cross of inactivity and our lack of control in order to allow Him to give us the grace He desires in this sacred silence.


The photo is of St. Teresa of Avila and taken by Dan Burke in Medina del Campo in Spain in 2017


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