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How To Prepare for an Extraordinary Lent

The Way of Lent - How Apostoli Viae Members Prepare for Lent

Do promised Apostoli Viae members have a specific approach to Lent? Yes we do! Here is a brief outline of how a promised member of Apostoli Viae will approach their pre-Lenten examination:

At the arrival of Septuagesima Sunday, as preparation for the penitential season of Lent, we begin to pray and pursue a deeper examination of conscience. Specifically, we seek to explore the state of our souls with respect to our orientation to God, to His Church, to the state in life which He has called us and to our calling to the Charism of Apostoli Viae

Some of the emphasis of our formation is reflected in each examen area and then there are specific aspects of the charism that we reflect on here. All participants in the Apostoli Viae site have access to our foundational document in the Sojourners group HERE. This document outlines the central teachings of our charism. There is also an introductory video you can review in the Sojourners group HERE which is always listed among the top posts of the group. Here is our basic approach to our Lenten examen and preparation.

The Orientation of Our Lives to God:

  • Do we still struggle with habitual sin of any kind? How can we orient our lives to Him this Lent that will result in progress or complete elimination of habitual sin?
  • Is there a particular virtue He is calling us to?
  • Are we participating in the sacraments as much as we could? Should we increase our Mass attendance? How is our devotion at Mass? Do we come early to prepare? Do we remain after for thanksgiving? Do we meditate on the Gospel readings daily or at least for Sunday?
  • Do we seek the sacrament of penance at least every other week? If not, should we begin to increase our engagement and related preparation?

The Orientation of Our Lives to Our Neighbor:

  • How well are we fulfilling our duties to our state in life? Are there areas of sin that we need to overcome? Is there specific virtue He is calling us to in this state?
  • Are we caring for the poor?
  • Are there needs of the Church I can fulfill that I have not pursued?

The Orientation of Our Lives through the Charism of Apostoli Viae:

  • Am I spending time and energy studying and absorbing the charism and orienting my life of faith and apostolate work to it?
  • Can I recite the mission statement by heart?
  • Are there commitments that I have presently made that I am not fulfilling?
  • Are there commitments that I know are coming in the path of my growth in the charism that I am not prepared for?
  • Is the focus of my charity toward others oriented through the lens or the activities of the charism?

Our Final Commitments:

Once this exam is complete, we then seek to narrow our commitments down into two categories:

  • What penitential or ascetical practice can I embrace during Lent that I desire to retain even when Lent is over?
  • What penitential or ascetical practice can I embrace during Lent that I will joyfully set aside at the celebration of Easter?

I pray that this examen guide might be a blessing to you regardless of your engagement with Apostoli Viae.

Yours in Christ,

Dan Burke
Unum est Necessarium



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