by Apostoli_Viae


Apostles of the Way Charism Foundation Document

Apostles of the Way v24.pdf

This document provides a detailed overview of the Charism of Apostoli Viae.


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  • Leah ann Phillips

    Leah ann Phillips

    I read it and it’s beautiful. It’s ‘home’ for me. I’m for the most part already living it ... first as a Lay Carmelite that has a simple rule which includes daily mass, Lectio Divina and LOH. Also I’ve been drawn to pray for priests throughout my journey. In particular our parish priests. Thank you for this AV. My Carmelite community meets only once a month and it’s two hours away from me. This is a blessing.
  • Ezekiel Cristobal-Addison

    Ezekiel Cristobal-Addison

    An answer to prayer. Luke 7:47-49
  • Julie Scegura

    Julie Scegura

    I just finished reading this. I for the most part, too, am already living it. -The explanation of the AV Coat of Arms is beautiful. -Mary, our dear mother is a great help for me in reaching her son Jesus. -Having read St. Faustina's diary and participating in a pilgrimage to Poland walking in her footsteps as well as St. Pope John Paul II and Maximillian Kolbe I am devoted to the Divine Mercy Chaplet - it is a powerful tool in my Spiritual toolbox. St. Faustina is like a personal friend. -And the Holy Eucharist, oh my gosh, how can anyone live without receiving Jesus in Holy Communion. In spite of all this there is still a lot for me to learn and I hope I will be able to progress in Apostoli Viae. Praise God for this ministry.
  • Nancy Janasz

    Nancy Janasz

    I am slowly figuring out what "Apostoli Viae" is about. I listened to the tutorial on how to navigate the website and then looked up and read the foundational document. What a pleasant surprise! I cannot say I am living it yet but can say that this resonates with me and describes a road map that I think the Holy Spirit has been trying to get me to follow. How beautiful! How lovely!
  • Dan Burke

    Dan Burke

    @Nancy - welcome and God be praised.
  • Joseph Cardali

    Joseph Cardali

    Truly a thought provoking, challenging document. A map for the journey. Looking forward to participation .
  • Kathleen Evers

    Kathleen Evers

    Having just read the document, I find myself hopeful that finally I may grow in union with God, as I have desired for so long.
  • Judith  Loubet

    Judith Loubet

    I find this Charism Foundation Document most beautifully thought out and lovingly written, including the Coat of Arms with its explanation, and calls for frequent rereading and reflection . As others have expressed, for the most part I'm already living it or at least am "on the way". Thank you for this!


    Well, Here I am Lord.
  • Margaret Honoré

    Margaret Honoré

    My heart says “amen.” This document is a beautifully-outlined roadmap for the AV Cenacle Way. It provides enough guidance to keep the Light shining on the pathway, while still leaving room for each individual to unfold and grow according to the Great Spiritual Director’s manifest plan for them.




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