by Apostoli_Viae


A Prayer for Unity and Against Division

Against Division in Apostoli Viae and the Church

                  Lord protect us, protect our families, protect the Church, and protect Apostoli Viae and all we serve from sins of gossip, detraction, calumny, and factions. Help us to always assume the best of the actions and intentions of others, especially when wounded by them. Remind us always to seek to see Your healing and redemptive work in and through the frailties of those around us. Rather than allowing the enemy to suggest accusations against others, help us to reject criticism and embrace the best possible interpretation of their actions, attitudes, and decisions. When we are tempted to criticize others, remind us that it was satan, in his sin of pride, who believed he should be in the place of God. Help us to reject the suggestion of the enemy that we could do better if we were in the place of another.
              May we, by Your example and grace, reject the sin of pride and narcissism that would have us criticize, judge, and condemn rather than humbly serve. Incline our hearts to habitually speak well of, and through our love and aide, make up for the weaknesses of others. Help us to guard our minds and tongues from negativity and criticism that we would always assume and speak the best of others and avoid the fire of gossip and negativity that destroys unity and threatens to send us to hell. By Your grace, give us the ability to love others as You have loved us, to forgive others as You have forgiven us, and to be a source of peace and redemption for our families, our community, the Church, and the world. Amen.


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