Dan Burke

by Dan Burke


What happens when you don't pray?

During my hospitalization for Covid-19, I agreed to participate in a clinical trial to test a treatment that could be effective for those suffering from the virus. I made my last visit to the clinic today for the trial. They drew about eight vials of blood and asked me several questions.

As we were talking, the nurse revealed that two other patients had agreed to the trial at the same time (we were all admitted within that same timeframe). I was deeply troubled to learn that one of those patients died (God rest their soul), and the other is still in the hospital. She was encouraged that they had at least one patient who had survived. For perspective, the reason that we were all in the study together is that we were all high-risk patients with specific underlying issues in common. Statistically, 80% of those who get intubated (go on a ventilator) don't survive. With the underlying issues at play, the death rate is probably much higher, which means I didn't have much of a chance of survival, humanly speaking anyway. 

Why am I writing this? Because I am firmly convinced that I would not be alive without your prayers.

This is important — pay close attention. Yes, it was clearly God's will that I live, and I know that because I am alive. So, the outcome God desired was that I live. The means He also required was your cooperation. Said another way, God's desired end was that I live. His chosen means to achieve that end were your prayers.

So then, what happens when you don't pray?

Exactly nothing.

If you don't cooperate with God and intercede when called to do so, the graces that should have come through your "yes" are blocked by your "no." Even Jesus was unable to do miracles in his home town because of unbelief (Matthew 13:58). Unbelief is a "no" to God that stifles our faith and prayer and dries up the grace that God desires to pour out upon us.

This is why, when someone says, "I prayed for you", I respond, "Thank you. I am alive because you prayed and God answered your prayers." Every time I say it, I mean it from the depths of my being. 

Please continue to pray for the victims of Covid-19, abortion, and the sins of men in and outside of the Church. In particular, please pray against those sins that I am convinced brought about this suffering — the sins of the laity against the Lord and His people in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass — the sins of sacrilege, the sins of irreverence, the sins of desecration, the sins rooted in our ignorance and worship of our preference over honoring God. 

With your prayers, God will move. Without them, far less grace will rain down on those who need it. Without your prayers, the Church will continue to slide into apostasy. With your prayers, your reparation, your repentance, we can and will be revived and renewed.


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