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Contemplative Life - Spiritual Reading Plan

Have you ever wanted to have a reading plan but worried about what you should actually read, that is in keeping with the magisterium, and is truly helpful with respect to where you are on your spiritual journey? This is why I created this reading plan. As well this plan follows the general path of formation of Apostoli Viae.

Just reading books cannot make you a saint. In fact, when consumed without spiritual direction, gluttonous reading can lead to pride and mere external knowledge that results in more harm than good. Even so, when we read books in concert with our spiritual director and in keeping with our current spiritual state, they can serve as stepping stones to heaven. 

This plan is meant to be read stepwise beginning with the Catechism, then Into the Deep, then Scripture, then the Better Part, then Thoephilos, etc. There are a few books on prayer and spirituality that I did not include but are important because of destructive modern trends, these are A Catholic Guide to Mindfulness by Susan Brinkman and Is Centering Prayer Catholic? by Conni Rossini. Otherwise, the books on this reading plan are all positive proposals of the teaching of the Church and the wisdom of the saints. A few other notes are in order 1) the books in blue are books I have written and 2) the books with bold titles are for daily meditation. 

Important: Be sure to use the links I have provided below. There are translations of important works that deeply distort the intended meaning of the authors. Yes, folks actually do this. As well, there are translations that are well intended but that really miss the mark.

To help you find the right versions of these books, I have provided all the links below. Yes, it took a lot of work to do this. If you are appreciative, please donate to Apostoli Viae HERE.


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  • Jill Andresen

    Jill Andresen

    Thank you for this rich collection of beautiful works!
  • Carmen  Braaten

    Carmen Braaten

    JMJ - Thank you, Dan, for providing this extensive list. The book, Corpus Christi - Holy Communion and the Renewal of the Church - by Bishop Athanasius Schneider, can be found here:
  • Paolo Osmena

    Paolo Osmena

    Wonderful! These books are true nourishment for the soul. Although, I have read and meditated on many of these books, I have not been able to find a spiritual director where I live in Manila, Philippines. Is that not like finding a needle in a haystack?
  • Patricia  Stolle

    Patricia Stolle

    Thank you for all your hard work to give us this wonderful list.
  • Susan Mulski (AV1)

    Susan Mulski (AV1)

    This is so wonderful and thank you for the links. We are working on our collection!!! Thank you for all the hard time consuming work that went into this.
  • Barbara Culbreath

    Barbara Culbreath

    Thank you for this beautiful list of books to read. I,of course have the catechism, and I fear it will take me a long time to read because there’s so much to absorb and understand and remember. I just acquired “Into The Deep” and I just read the forward. I am so excited to read this book that I’m not sure I can wait until I finish the Catechism. I hope that’s ok. Thank you so much. I feel I’m on a wonderful journey.
  • Donald Moran Jr

    Donald Moran Jr

    So much good material here. I would say a lifetime reading plan. Thank you Dan for providing this list of books.
  • Gene Kelly

    Gene Kelly

    You must be able to read minds! Thank-you!
  • Mari Godbout

    Mari Godbout

    Wonderful! Thank you, Dan!
  • Senia Coh

    Senia Coh

    Thank you so much! This is very very useful.




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