by Apostoli_Viae


Demons who Guard the Outer Court of the Interior Castle

St. Teresa of Avila speaks of demons who guard the outer court of the interior castle. What is their aim? How do they keep seeking souls from entering in?


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  • Mary Hibberd

    Mary Hibberd

    Thank you Dan. Very powerful words. I am saying all the “yes’s” you mentioned and am becoming acutely aware of the thought battles in the outer court and using the rules, especially being aware, knowledgeable and acting. I am trying to maintain peace but I must be ever vigilant because the enemy doesn’t like the new me and doesn’t rest. That’s ok because it helps me to live in the present moment where Jesus is. Thank you for your timeliness and wisdom!
  • Marianne Sibal

    Marianne Sibal

    As a newbie to AV, but as a disciple of Jesus longing for trustworthy Companions for some years, what I like most about today’s message is the call to help others in the courtyard come in as well. The interior of the castle may keep us safe but Lord help us gather with you into its infinite space as many souls with us as possible. Blessed Mother pray for us to be made worthy of the promises of Christ.
  • Diana von Glahn (AV2-M)

    Diana von Glahn (AV2-M)

  • Cathy Trowbridge (AV1)

    Cathy Trowbridge (AV1)

    Loved being there with you last year - yes I can picture it all ... thank you for this great reminder of how close the walls are and the differences between them....
  • Brenda Conyers

    Brenda Conyers

    These are some very serious thoughts to reflect on. Thank you....
  • Rosa Villarreal

    Rosa Villarreal

    This reminds of the constant battle of these demons for those who have no idea of the sacraments and who as you mention DENY Jesus. Also to know that there is evil out there, even amongst our own family and we need to be cautious, which is the reason we need to be in constant prayers. Thank you Dan
  • Maria Palmer

    Maria Palmer

    So true
  • Judy Deshautelle

    Judy Deshautelle

    Thank you so much for posting this reality. I have been reading St. Teresa of Avila’s autobiography slowly and this post pushes me onward. Thank you Dan for helping me today. One moment at a time, one minute at a time, one hour at a time... just this day.. the present moment to be his disciple. God Bless.
  • Carol Slade

    Carol Slade

    Thank you, Dan! Thank you for the reminder to struggle on against self and towards God. A daily effort.
  • Caren Breen

    Caren Breen

    I battle those demons daily. Thanks for the encouragement and clarity.




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