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He is Risen!

Hallelujah – He is Risen!

It is humorous and a bit troubling that you received a post this morning entitled, “Wicked Discernment.” On top of that, I did attempt to resurrect a post on Easter that failed (no pun intended). The technology was smarter than me. As I was thinking about it though, it occurred to me that maybe this was an Easter message. It certainly is providential.

As I reread the post that Stephanie and I wrote together, I was reminded of the joy of a message of liberation that we all need. We all need prompting to run with abandon toward God. We all need encouragement to avoid the traps that our narcissism can draw us into.

So, be encouraged. Reject the wicked discernment that seeks to delay your entering into all that God has for you. Live in abandonment to the Lord. Live in the freedom He has won for you and me and that we celebrate today and over the coming fifty days.

He is Risen!

Dan and Stephanie
Unum est Necessarium


Image Source: Shiftworship


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