by Apostoli_Viae


You are Beautiful

It is normal for authentic disciples of Jesus to, through spiritual growth and increased self-awareness, become more aware of their sinfulness and brokenness. This is good and necessary in that this awareness results in humility and compels us to seek His healing. Even so, it can be destructive when not balanced against His love and tenderness towards us. Here is what St. Teresa of Avila reveals about God's perspective in the first chapter of the Interior Castle:

If we consider the subject properly, sisters, we shall see that the soul of a just man is nothing else but a Paradise, wherein the Lord thereof takes His recreation. What a [beautiful] room then ought that to be, think you, in which a King so powerful, so wise, so pure, so full of every perfection, delights Himself? I know of nothing to which I can compare the great beauty of a soul, and its wonderful capacity. "

Here's another perspective in song...


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