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What is Sacred Space and how does it help our prayer?


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  • Patricia Taussig

    Patricia Taussig

    It is important to have a private sacred space for everyday personal prayer and reflection for those who are serious about progressing in their prayer life. In addition, especially for those who would like to draw their family members into prayer as well, consider the Enthronment of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (and the Immaculate Heart of Mary) as an additional way to sanctify the general home and family. "The Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in your home is an act of adoration that publicly declares Him as “Lord of the Household.” It is more than setting aside a dwelling place for Him in a building; it is the welcoming of the Reign of Christ into the heart of the family who dwells within that place. He becomes the central focus. He promises great blessings for families and individuals who honor Him with the installation of a blessed image of His Sacred Heart, proclaim His Kingship over them, and make a covenant of love with Him. "
  • Priscilla Hiatt

    Priscilla Hiatt

    When I go to my sacred space my heart/soul are desiring more intimacy and deeper union with God. My sacred space makes me feel like I'm wrapped in a cocoon waiting to open up to the Divine Presence. It can be in a room set aside for prayer and it can be in the beauty of nature. I am thankful for the awareness that our loving God has given me. God bless!
  • Jeanette Woodley

    Jeanette Woodley

    t's a wonderful thing to teach our children and grandchildren to have a sacred space for prayer and maybe to gift them with a statue, crucifix, holy pictures or whatever would be appropriate. It could be right beside their beds on their bedside table so that in the morning and evening they cannot miss seeing their sacred space and it will remind them to pray. I teach children at a Catholic school the rosary and its mysteries once a month and take the opportunity to teach them to make a sacred space for prayer. They are so young and eager and I pray that this teaching will stay with them throughout their lives.
  • John Rickel

    John Rickel

    Amen to that.




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