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A Beautiful Investiture - Bishop Olmsted and Claire Dwyer

Claire Dwyer was doubly blessed by her recent investiture into Apostoli Viae. The reason is that the ceremony was presided over by one of the holiest Bishops in the United States, Bishop Olmsted of Phoenix.

We are not able to attend all remote ceremonies but in this case, Stephanie was in Phoenix at the National Convention of Vocation Directors talking with them about our High Calling seminary preparation program. This allowed both of us to spend time with Claire, her husband Delaney, and to attend this beautiful ceremony.

After the ceremony Stephanie and I spent time with Bishop Olmsted to get his wisdom about our statues and how to lead our rapidly growing community. I was deeply consoled when Bishop Olmsted revealed that my spiritual director, Fr. Thomas Acklin O.S.B., is an advisor to him for a new community in Phoenix. It was also encouraging to hear Bishop's reflections on aspects of the charism that he found to be unique and that he thinks will be very helpful to our members.

In particular he expressed appreciation for the progressive nature of how we adopt our plans of love (rules of life). He thought that this approach seemed to suit the normative path of spiritual growth. He also noted that he liked the adaptability of the rules to the state of life of each member. For those new to the charism you can find out more about our approach in the foundational document in the Sojourner's group. 

It was a powerful and beautiful time in all respects. Here are a few photos:

Unum est Necessarium




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  • Jeanette Woodley

    Jeanette Woodley

    Congratulations Claire on your investiture as a Disciple of Apostoli Viae. You were so blessed by having the bishop do the investiture and doubly blessed by having Dan & Stephanie celebrate it with you. God bless you always @Claire
  • Claire Dwyer

    Claire Dwyer

    Oh! I forgot about these photos! Yes I am so grateful for that special day but also for everything that led me to it. God has worked very delicately, intensively, and often very painfully over the last several years to carve out hollow space to be a receptacle of this grace. I pray to be worthy of it. Thanks to everybody who is journeying with me in AV, especially Dan and Stephanie who sacrifice so much for the rest of us. May we all experience God’s abundance from the storehouses of His mercy! Praise Him!!
  • Diane Roe

    Diane Roe

    Congratulations Claire on your investiture and promise to the AV community. What a blessing to have you and the talents and desire for holiness God has graced you with to be shared with us seeking a similar path to God. I am blessed to be journeying with you, all the AV members and especially Dan and Stephanie who model such faithfulness to God and his children. Bishop Olmstead is a very holy bishop. I pray all to be like him in his faithfulness and profession of the Truth. I especially love his apostolic letter and urgent request men to grow toward holiness. Here is the link To have Bishop Olmstead be supportive of our charism is wonderful and such a blessing. Blessings to all who seek and travel the path to union with God.
  • Claire Dwyer

    Claire Dwyer

    yes, Diane! Bishop Olmsted is a gift not just to Phx but to the Church. Last week he announced that he will be releasing a new letter to families next month on the Feast of the Holy Family! Here are his statements from the Bishops' meeting - starts at about 1:45:
  • Karen Hynds

    Karen Hynds

    Congratulations, Claire! The joy radiating from your face surely reflects the inner joy of your heart! It's a blessing to have you as a member of AV. God bless!
  • Diane Roe

    Diane Roe

    Claire, Thanks for posting the clip from the Bishops conference. What Bishop Olmstead was right on the money. My past pastor, spoke right at the end of the clip. Bishop Coerver of Lubbock,TX. I hope he and all new bishops spend time learning from Olmstead
  • Theresa Schwartz

    Theresa Schwartz

    What a special grace for you!




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