by Apostoli_Viae


Keeping Youth in the Church

This is an important reflection on the mistakes that we make when we seek to keep youth engaged. Unfortunately I have seen these mistakes played out for decades in the protestant and now Catholic Church. Those denominations who used this method are all closing their doors because by seeking to be relevant, they have made themselves irrelevant. There is much wisdom here and this is very much worth your time. 


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  • Jeanette Woodley

    Jeanette Woodley

    I sent this link to my parish priest and asked him to forward it to the youth ministers, which he did. Wonderful video. Wouldn't it be great if all youth had this outlook?
  • Dan Burke

    Dan Burke

    @Jeanette - fantastic.
  • Aurore Chartier

    Aurore Chartier

    Great! Great! Great! I totally agree with this reflection.
  • Theresa Schwartz

    Theresa Schwartz

    To share an example of his wisdom, we are blessed here to bring the public school children that attend "release time" (a program began by Mormons in our state so children could be released to attend seminary) our catholic parents adopted it years ago when the local catholic school closed so their children could continue to receive religious instruction during the school day. We have our catholic buildings right across from the public elementary and the high school. The elementary students attend twice a week, the high school is daily. A few years ago we began busing the students in grades 1st thru 6th to adoration one time per month in place of class. They go into the church and spread out so they aren't distracted by others. The atmosphere of silence, prayer and adoration is something to behold. It has become a favorite of many, and they always look forward to this time away from the noise and distraction of their world to go to the house of the Lord and simply, peacefully adore Him. Depending on the year we have between 130-150 students attending at different times of the afternoon. We also have a good percentage of non-Catholics attending class. Thanks be to God, we witness conversions and miracles each year among the classes of "little ones".
  • Dan Burke

    Dan Burke

    @Theresa - wow - amazing.




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