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Of Saints and Snooze Buttons

Saints know nothing of snooze buttons. Because they know nothing of snooze buttons, they know much of encountering God in the sublime silence of the early dawn. Our bodies, our lower natures seek to own us. Our flesh is ever ready to rule and guide us and take the place of God. This is why we have such harsh language provided by the Holy Spirit through St. Paul: "For those who live a...

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Firelight Silent Retreat - Young Adults and College Students

Kristin Aebli, Maggie Herd, and I were blessed to put on a silent retreat for Alabama Young Adults and College Students at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville, Alabama. Yes, that is a rainbow in the background on the right side of the featured photo. The focus of the retreat was on forgiveness - both receiving God's forgiveness and then offering it to those who have hu...

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A Japanese Hibachi Encounter

God is full of surprises. Tonight Stephanie and I ended up alone at a Japanese Hibachi restaurant (to dodge the Halloween crowd). We were joined by a family we did not know and quickly struck up a conversation. They are Evangelical Christians that have attended the Church of the Highlands for years. We talked about our faith and the father (Jay) revealed he had a number of friends that had conv...

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How does Apostoli Viae provide formation for its members?

Question: How does Apostoli Viae provide formation for its members? Answer: There are a number of direct and indirect paths of formation in Apostoli Viae. All of our formation has two purposes 1) to draw the Apostoli Viae member ever more deeply into relationship with God, and 2) to equip them to do the same for others. Here are a few key paths of formation: Community Cenacle Gatherings (...

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The Mission of Apostoli Viae

The mission of the Apostles of the Way is to live, light, and lead the Way to union with God.

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