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A Gathering and an Encounter with the Wisdom of St. Ignatius

Earlier this month, along with more than two hundred faithful at St. Ann’s Catholic Church in Washington, DC, I was blessed to attend an evening of reflection...

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A Prayer for Unity and Against Division

A prayer for unity and against division from the Apostoi Viae prayer book.

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Testimony of First Promises

The investiture was something that has changed everything for me...

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Club or Charism?

The feature image of this post captures the joy of hearts completely immersed in loving God through the charism that God has called them to. In this case, the Carmelite nuns of Palencia Spain, with love overflowing towards us as visiting pilgrims, expressed the grace and vigor of their charism through their joyful generosity and the promise of their prayers. The powerful charism that echoes thr...

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The Birth of the Word is the Birth of Christian Prayer

By Dr. Anthony Lilles With the Word of the Father, the words of Christian prayer are born from the Virgin’s Womb. Such was the mystery of prayer learned first by the One who Believed as she felt Him ready to enter the world. It is not seized by force or mastered by practice. The result always exceeds expectation but can never be calculated. This prayer can only be welcomed as a gift an...

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St. John of the Cross Novena

Dear Friends on the Way, Today, as part of Apostoli Viae tradition, we begin a novena to St. John of the Cross which ends on his feast day on December 14th. I pray that you will join with me and all Apostoli Viae members in this beautiful novena for these intentions and your own: Apostoli Viae Intentions That we all may be empowered by God to joyfully embrace the contemplative lif...

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What is the Perspective of Apostoli Viae on Sacred Music and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?

The view and teaching of Apostoli Viae on sacred music is simply put, the view and teaching of the Church. Fr. Cassian Folsom provided a reflection that perfectly reflects our perspective.

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Can a diocesan priest participate in the charism of Apostoli Viae?

Question: Can a diocesan priest participate in the charism of Apostoli Viae? Answer: Absolutely. While diocesan priests or deacons are assigned to a parish and are typically not simultaneously called to religious life, they may find Apostoli Viae spirituality, community, and apostolic works to be a help in their primary state as a diocesan priest. The key, of course, is that all participatio...

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What does your face say?

If your face was the only Gospel another might ever know, what does your face communicate? This is worth a moment of serious consideration. Saint Teresa of Calcutta said, “Speak tenderly to them. Let there be kindness in your face, in your eyes, in your smile, in the warmth of your greeting. Always have a cheerful smile. Don't only give your care, but give your heart as well.&rd...

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